1st Place ( $50,000 )

Achieve Center, Inc.

Status: Transformation Completed

The Achieve Center was awarded $50,000 in hardware upgrades including a new HPE Server and Fortinet Firewall. New HP laptops, desktops and monitors were also installed, as well as Aruba networking and APC UPS backup equipment. The results were immediate with an increase in efficiency, reliability and easy access of data.

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Newman Catholic Schools

2nd Place ($30,000)

Staus: Transformation In Progress

Newman Catholic Schools is looking at upgrading the wireless infrastructure at one of their facilities. The final transformation will grant technology access to the teachers and students.

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Wausau Fire Department

3rd Place ($20,000)

Status: Transformation In Progress

The Wausau Fire Department is upgrading their collaboration solution allowing the teams to train remotely.