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GreenLight IT Proves To Be The Ideal Solution for a Manufacturing Company


ABX.jpgAdvanced Barrier Extrusions (ABX) relies on technology to keep the operations running 24/7. This means the IT Manager wears many hats and can only do so much. So it makes good business sense to have outside expertise to call. That's why ABX chose GreenLight IT as a managed service solution.



By reading the Success Story, you will learn:

  • How ABX and RMM collaborated to find the best solution for their IT needs
  • How RMM provides hardware support to ABX's manufacturing facility
  • How RMM implemented GreenLight IT to help ABX co-manage their IT department

What is GreenLight IT?

"By remotely monitoring our systems, RMM is able to give me a heads up if there are any issues, such as a system running slow or a disk filling up. And if I need help, RMM is there to provide support." 

Dave Baumgartner, ABX I.T. Manager

Download the ABX Case Study