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Overnight we deployed a remote workforce across a nation! Now we are fighting to figure out how to remotely secure our technology. Join us on Friday, April 24th at 10:00 AM CST to learn how multi-factor authentication and DNS security can help you win this fight.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How layering 2FA and DNS will block malware and other threats before they infect your network or endpoints
  • How easy Cisco Umbrella and Duo are to deploy and manage without overburdening your staff
  • How better security intelligence and integrated analytics can expose blind spots

Who Should Attend: Anyone responsible for IT, technology security, deployment of remote workforces, and compliance officers.

Best Practices Webinar


David Bouchard

David Bouchard

Account Executive at Duo Security

My current responsibilities let me help keep companies safe with a best-in-class SaaS cybersecurity product. I love bringing people together around a common goal and have high expectations for everything I do.
Dominic Middleton

Dominic Middleton

Security Operations Partner Specialist--Cisco

Skilled in Compliance and Operational Security; Application, Data, and Host Security; Access Control and Identity Management; and Network Architecture and Operations.


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James smith


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