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Get a clear picture of your network and security!

It's fast and it's free

Are you concerned about the security effectiveness of your existing firewall? Would you like a second opinion and ensure that your customers, strategic activities, and financials remain protected?

Fortinet can assess your current network security in a week, for free. We will analyze your existing firewall and network in three key areas: security and threat prevention, user productivity, and network utilization. 

After one week, we will provide you a detailed report highlighting areas you need to secure to avoid a security issue. 

Check out this video to learn how to get a clear picture of your network and security.

How to Get a Clear Picture of Your Network and Security

Cyber Threat Assessment is:

  • Quick: Less than 7 days of monitoring
  • Easy: No interruption to your infrastructure
  • Comprehensive: Security, Productivity and Performance
  • No Cost

Next Generation Firewall: a must-have?

The risk of data breaches in today's threat landscape is huge. Gartner predicts that 90% of new enterprise firewall purchases will be NGFW by the end of 2018. Get a first look at how FortiGate will provide better security and more control without disrupting your existing infrastructure.

Is your network performance optimized?

See how you can simplify your management load by replacing your point security products with a FortiGate, or do a graduated rollout by replacing point products with a better value solution and turn on additional capabilities as you need them over time.

Secure Your Assessment