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Many more employees around the world are now working remotely due to COVID-19. To help lessen these concerns and protect organizations dealing with new challenges, RMM and our partners are offering a variety of tools to secure your remote workers. 

Video Overview

Keeping Your Business Moving Forward Recording

We cover some of the latest phishing trends, security tools and offers available to you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secure Remote Access

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If your team doesn't have laptops, consider deploying secure remote access. We are offering a secure, easy way to create a secure connection between your employee's home and office computers. No VPN's to set-up and configure. No software to load onto the home computer. Your compliance will be met with restrictions on file uploads, downloads and screen capture. 

Remote Productivity

The hardware acceleration in every FortiGate NGFW offers a scalable remote working connectivity. Teleworkers can use either an SSL VPN or an IPSec VPN FortiClient Fabric Agent for large scale, secure tunnels back to the corporation. Power users and executive users would benefit from deploying a FortiAP or a FortiGate NGFW for additional capabilities.

Collaboration Tools

WebEx and Ring Central are offering

  1. Three months free of WebEx conferencing.
  2. Three months free of RingCentral Office collaboration system for k-12, health providers, or non-profit organizations. 

2-Factor Authentication

Utilzie 2FA whenever you can to add an additional layer of protection to ensure that even if your password does get stolen, your data stays protected. Cisco is offering free accounts right now.

Advanced Endpoint Security

Today's latest technology (replacing traditional anti-virus solutions) protects against file-less and script based threats. In the event of a cyberattack, the software offers rollback and containment features. 

Cisco Umbrella

Internet security is a race against time. Cloud based security detects web and email threats as they emerge on the internet, and blocks them on your network within seconds-before they reach the user. Cisco is offering a 14 day free trial. 

Hear the latest updates on how we are empowering our team to work remotely.

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