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Small office home office network setup in minutes using the Fortinet Security Fabric.


The work anywhere revolution expands your vulnerability to cyberattacks at the edge. You have limited visibility into a home office network leaving you feeling powerless to prevent network security threats such as a ransomware attack. We understand and want to give you back the power. Our Small Office Home Office (SOHO) solution allows you visibility into remote offices by extending your main office infrastructure easily.


How to setup your small office home office network:

  1. Your main office leverages existing Fortigate Next Generation Firewall capabilities.
  2. We deploy a Fortinet AP configured to your firewall sent directly to your remote office user.
  3. Once the remote FortiAP is turned on, the corporate office will see a new device configured on the network and you’re ready to go.

SOHO graphic

It’s this simple. You NOW have control to do vulnerability scans, manage traffic, and have full control of your small office network. Your whole team can have peace of mind knowing your small office network security solution is securely connected through RMM’s SOHO solution, a cloud managed network. You also have access to remote network security tools.  

Even better, the SOHO network security solution ships direct with zero-touch required by you.

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