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2019 Techfair highlights webinar.

Ingrain Security Into Your Business Culture...

It starts with leaders talking about why security is important--why it really matters. RMM will work with you to identify and reduce risks by creating a road map of your network and a plan for implementation. We have the tools and systems to gain visibility into the environment and safeguard your business. 

Techfair Highlights Webinar Edited


Layered Security

Why is it so important?

Information is valuable. Hackers can compromise credentials by stealing passwords. For example, if you have the same password on Facebook as on your O365 account, gaining access to your Facebook may compromise your corporate account as well. That's why layered security is so important. Layered security does not allow access to your systems without putting preventative measures in place first.  

Physical Security

Start with a Security Checklist

At the 2019 RMM Techfair, we looked at fiscal security checklists and incorporated them into tabletop exercises. It's important to walk through the seven categories and evaluate your environment in order to establish a plan moving forward. By understanding where your business is currently at risk, you can prepare for the future.


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