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June 2017

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Fifteen years ago we embarked on an adventure of owning a business.  Little did we know what that would really mean or how hard it would be to run a successful business. 

Success has not been easy but the journey has been extremely rewarding.  Many have come alongside to encourage, help us grow and achieve our objectives in reaching new heights.  We owe our thanks to so many. 

It seems appropriate to thank God first – He has been gracious and put manyIMAG1187.jpg wonderful people in our path throughout the years.  We are grateful for the organizations we serve.  We work with some of the best companies in Wisconsin and we are thankful for each one of them.  Our vendor partners and the Wausau business community have been nothing but supportive and ready to help through the years.  Last but certainly not least are the colleagues at RMM.  Each one of our teammates is uniquely gifted and talented.  Together they make up a highly functional, technical and service focused team providing superior and comprehensive technology solutions to clients all over Wisconsin.

The journey over the past fifteen years has been challenging and exciting.  We have seen technology literally transform our businesses and our lives.  Fifteen years ago, some of us were using the latest and greatest cellular technology could offer – a bag phone; most data processing was happening on main frames and dedicated physical servers in the data center; the cloud didn’t exist; Apps were appetizers and security was locking your desk drawer before leaving the office.

Oh how things have changed.  Today, we virtualize most of our applications; use hosted apps, stream most of our content, obsess over cybersecurity and try to put as much of our systems and data in the cloud.  

Bubble_Firewall Protection.jpgSo where are things going?  Well, exactly where you see them – more cloud, more security, etc.  
Technology is becoming hybrid (on premise and in the cloud simultaneously) and all at the price of a monthly subscription.  The days of buying expensive systems, hosting and managing them is going away.   Companies like ours are providing technology systems and support for a simple monthly fee/user regardless of what it is or where it lives.

RMM is taking this very seriously.  We have created a strategy to address several of these solution areas and are currently creating solution bundles for Cloud, Collaboration, Security, IoT and Hybrid IT.   Stay tuned for more on these solutions and bundles.  Technology, business and life are changing rapidly and we are changing with them.  We are thankful for the past fifteen years and look forward to fifteen more with God’s help, your support and our great partners and colleagues as we forge ahead to a brave and bright tomorrow. 

God bless!!
Rimon Moses


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