Keeping your business moving forward with secure remote access.

No contracts, No software to manage, No additional VPN licenses or equipment to purchase .

You had to deploy a remote workforce solution almost overnight. Now you are left concerned if people are downloading sensitive data,  remote viruses, and worse yet--VPN access issues. Secure Remote Access eliminates these concerns by offering a secure gateway to the work computer. 

See how Secure Remote Access works.

Keeping Control of Remote Workforce


Rest assured, we have Security in mind:

  • AES 256 bit encryption for all traffic passing across the tunnel
  • The ability to disable file upload/download
  • Blacking out the local display while being remotely controlled
  • Disabling any input from the local keyboard/mouse
  • 2 Factor Authentication is available
    Secure Remote Workforce Graphic

Here is how easy the setup process is.

  • A link is provided to your company to install our control agent onto a corporate computer.
  • You provide us the first name, last name, email address of the individual to enroll along with the computer that they will be accessing.
  • Once they are setup in our system, the user will receive an E-mail that walks them through the setup of an SSO account which will give them access to the SSO portal.
  • From there on they will login with their SSO credentials and see their assigned workstation-simply click on the workstation icon and a secure tunnel will be created to the corporate computer.

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