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Your business data may be at greater risk than you think. Cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated and are increasingly difficult to stop. To beat hackers at their own game, partner with the best cybersecurity experts for your industry. Check out our infographic and let's set you up for success with proactive security protections.

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Benefits of Partnering with Cybersecurity Experts

Safeguard your data

Meet Compliance Standards

Keep Your Team Safe

Protect Your Reputation

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Gain Peace of Mind

What is a cybersecurity posture?

The cybersecurity posture of an organization refers to its overall cybersecurity strength surrounding your IT infrastructure, software, and internal policies, procedures or controls. A comprehensive cybersecurity posture will include how you will react and recover during a security event. Spending time understanding your current security state and the gaps you have will ultimately leave you more secure and ready for whatever happens. 

What is a security risk assessment?

A security risk assessment evaluates your companies security controls around application, web, data, fraud protection, infrastructure, identity, access and overall intelligence.  The goal with an assessment is to uncover the security gaps and weaknesses before they are exploited by cyber-attacks.  A security risk assessment provides you an action plan on how to improve your security posture.  

What to expect during the Assessment:

  • We will schedule an hour to an hour and a half WebEx meeting
  • Be ready to answer questions and know there are no wrong answers
  • No agents will be installed on your network
  • No credentials are shared

What to expect after the Assessment:

Our team takes the information and writes up a custom report including a security action plan with priorities. Once this is completed, we will schedule a meeting to review the results and the next steps you would like to take. Once again, this doesn't require any financial commitment.