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Make a Triple Play Against Cyberthreats Workshop Series

Since hackers only need ONE home run to win the game, we need to be continuously stopping them from gaining access to our business. During this cybersecurity virtual workshop series, you will learn techniques to assist your security game and start proactively stopping cyberthreats. Win prizes for attending each event and a chance to be entered into a drawing for Brewer tickets when you attend all three events. 


Security Play #1: How You Can Mitigate the Risk of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are rapidly increasing in frequency and doubling in cost. Organizations victimized by these attacks can lose access to their networks and data, incur steep financial losses, and suffer significant reputation damage.

Join Keeper Security’s Senior Director of Channel Sales, Marcia Dempster, and Mike Pape, Director of Sales at RMM Solutions, for an engaging conversation about the evolution of ransomware, what we expect to see as threats continue to thrive - especially in remote environments and what cybersecurity measures your organization can take to mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Workshop Details:
Hosted by: Keeper Security
Security Coaches: Marcia Dempster, Senior Director of Channel Sales, Keeper Security and Mike Pape, Director of Sales, RMM Solutions


Security Play #2: Would Your Business Survive a Cyberattack?

Prevention only covers a slice of the threat pie. Hackers will stop at nothing to get to your valuable data, and it’s up to you to protect your business. Ignoring cybersecurity may work in the short-term, but the time to be proactive is now.

Jay Ryerse and Mike Pape will cover ways to detect and respond to reduce or eliminate emerging threats. They will show you how to respond to any incident and how to use log management to solve regulatory and compliance requirements. See persistent threat monitoring, and prevention in action.

Workshop Details:
Jay Ryerse, VP of Cybersecurity Initiatives, ConnectWise and Mike Pape, Director of Sales, RMM Solutions


Security Play #3: How to Recover After a Ransomware Attack

In the past webinars, we discussed the steps to Prevent, Detect and Respond, the next step is to double-check you have the right tools in place to recover after a ransomware attack. We will discuss what needs to be backed up and what is causing everyone to change storage plans.

Hear from backup experts Arthur Corallo, CTO at RMM Solutions, Mike D’Amico, Engineer at RMM Solutions and Veeam Engineering Architects as they discuss the steps you need to take to secure your data.

Workshop Details: 
Hosted by: Veeam
Security Coaches: Arthur Corallo, CTO at RMM Solutions, Mike D’Amico, Engineer at RMM Solutions, VEEAM Engineer

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